Inference Swap Series


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01. APEST – What is APEST and Where did it Go?

02. APEST – What Should Church Look Like?




This section below is a supplement to the discipleship book series, Thing You Should Know: Understanding the Gospel, by John Pappas. Please listen and leave comments below.

Part 1 of 8: What is the Gospel?

Part 2 of 8: Do I Need the Gospel?

Part 3 of 8: What am I without the Gospel?

Part 4 of 8: The Arrival of Good News.

Part 5 of 8: What the Good News has Done?

Part 6 of 8: Why has He given us this Good News?

Part 7 of 8: The Purpose of the Good News?

Part 8 of 8: What Are We Because of The Good News?

Series Wrap Up: How Big is Your Gospel?