Reclaim Training



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Let’s Begin.

Directions. I am so excited you are going on this journey with each other and Jesus.I look forward to seeing what God is going to do in and through you.  Reclaim is 9 conversations to be had.  So here is how it works.

  1. First, read the PDF for the week.  If you learn better by hearing we have provided each PDF in audio book style so you can listen.
  2. Second, listen to the podcasts by the Table Network.  This is a direct commentary provided by Russ Johnson and Tony Sorci the writers of this material.  The links to the podcast are found in 2 formats, Spotify and Apple Podcast in the Outline PDF. Apple links to podcast are found in each section.
  3. As a group we will discuss the material.

r00 copyOUTLINE

Why Reclaim? – Take a quick look at why this important.
Reclaim Training Full Book
In the outline we provide direct links to listen to the podcast and all training material. If you wish to have the entire Reclaim in 1 PDF book we also provide the option.


r01 copyReclaim 01. Who is Jesus?

Reclaim 1 –  Lesson 1  
Podcast 1
Podcast 2
Reclaim 1 Lesson Audio:

r02 copyReclaim 02. What as Jesus’s Mission?

Reclaim 2 – Lesson 2
Podcast 3
Podcast 4
Reclaim 2 Lesson Audio:

r03 copyReclaim 03. How Do We Become Disciples?

Reclaim 3 – Lesson 3
Podcast 5
Reclaim 3 Lesson Audio:

r04 copyReclaim 04. How Do We Rest As Disciple?

Reclaim 4 – Lesson 4
Podcast 6
Podcast 7
Podcast 8
Reclaim Lesson 4 Audio:

r05 copyReclaim 05. How Do We Walk As Disciples?

Reclaim 5 – Lesson 5
Podcast 9
Podcast 10
Reclaim 5 Lesson Audio:

r06 copyReclaim 06. Church as Family?

Reclaim 6 – Lesson 6
Podcast 11
Podcast 12
Reclaim 6 Lesson Audio:

r07 copyReclaim 07. Timeless Discipleship.

Reclaim 7 – Lesson 7
Podcast 12
Podcast 13
Reclaim 7 Lesson Audio:

r08 copyReclaim 08. A Fluid Framework for Gathering and Scattering

Reclaim 8 – Lesson 8
Podcast 14
Podcast 15
Reclaim 8 Lesson Audio:

r09 copyReclaim 09. Timeless Discipleship?

Reclaim 9 – Lesson 9
Podcast 16
Podcast 17

Reclaim 9 Lesson  Audio:



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