Part 1: Worldview and Would You?


There are five questions that are the most consequential to life.

  1. ORGIN: Where did we come from?
  2. IDENTITY: Who are we?
  3. MEANING: Why are we here?
  4. MORALITY: How should we live?
  5. DESTINY: Where are we going?

When it comes to such deep and profound questions there are many in the world that have sought to answer them through religion. However, in our time we are seeing a rise of those who are trying to answer these same questions through science.

When we are talking about religion, we need to understand that all major religions fall into 3 major world views.

  1. Theism – This is someone who believes in a personal God who created the universe, but is not a part of the universe. God is present in the universe, but not a part of the universe.
  2. Pantheism – This is someone who believes in an impersonal God that is literally part of the universe. There has been recent movies that bring this world view into them such as Avatar and Star Wars. You might also recognize this belief in most eastern religions and in new age philosophy. They say things like God is you, there is no truth, and God is all around you. It’s in the book, the tree’s, etc…
  3. Atheist – This is someone who does not believe in any kind of God.
    A simple way to remember these world views is that theists believe God made all, pantheists believe God is all, and atheists believe in no God at all.

A simple way to remember these world views is that theists believe God made all, pantheists believe God is all, and atheists believe in no God at all.


As far as science is concerned you may be surprised to know that even science requires faith about these questions. This is why it is important to know the inferences or presuppositions each of these belief systems bring to the table. Therefore, since much of this has to do with faith, there has to be good reasons for what we decide to trust with the consequences of our five major questions. Evidence then is the only true measure of where we put our faith.

I believe the wrong belief is bad and has serious consequences on our lives, our communities, and our relationships. That is why we need to take seriously the questions of origin, identity, meaning, morality, and destiny. Furthermore, I do not believe science is the enemy to Christianity. In fact, I believe just as Frank Turek as rightly stated, “science doesn’t say anything, scientists do”. There are many great scientists I admire that are atheists, but the problem I have with them is when they take the empirical data they observe and make profound philosophical statements such as “there is no God”. It is in those moments they move from science into philosophy and theology. While they may be phenomenal scientists, many of them are terrible philosophers.

However, there is great news. I believe science is now closing the gap more and more supporting the existence of God. We live in such a time that there is a growing amount of evidence supporting faith in God. The empirical, forensic, and philosophical evidence strongly supports the claims of Christianity and is inconsistent with atheism. Having said this I recognize for me to make such a claim, I must make my case and present the evidence. Therefore, I will attempt to do so in the following posts.

Finally, I hope you understand that a true world view tries to answer life’s biggest questions. I personally believe Christianity is the best plausible answer to these questions and I will lay out my case with each subsequent post. I recognize there are usually three objections to the truth to Christianity. These are intellectual reasons, emotional reasons, and volitional reasons. The first asks, “Is Christianity reasonable?” The second dislikes it based on certain doctrines, like the doctrine of hell. The third simply doesn’t want to yield to God for whatever reason. A simple question to ask here then is where do you fall? If Christianity were true, true, would you follow Jesus?

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