Intro to Ephesians: Family

One thing I love about the book of Ephesians is how it reveals to us the awesome lengths and depth God has gone to bring us back to his family.  However, family can be a touchy subject to some people. Some come from broken family, some come from divorced families, and some people never really have had a true experience with family. Whatever the case one thing is for certain  brokenness that comes from family can have deep affect on our lives.

This is why I love the book of Ephesians. If there is anyone who understand the brokenness of family it is God.  God who created mankind in his image lost his children to sin.  Like earthly families that are broken when a child or a loved one goes astray we are deeply hurt and saddened. We never stop loving them but hurt creeps into the hearts of families that are broken by sin.  This is a lot like the story of God’s family except in the book of Ephesians Jesus has made a way for God’s lost children to come back to him and be apart of His  family.  Throughout this devotional be aware of the readiness God has as He desires to pour into his children and can not wait to pour out his blessings on his children through Jesus.

So today whatever your family situation may be rest in God who understands. God has made a way for all of us to come back to him and the new do he is there with open arms. As we go through this book be prepared to see how God pours his magnificent love and blessings on children who have come back home to their Father.

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